2021 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing

6-11 June 2021 • Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Extracting Knowledge from Information

2021 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing

6-11 June 2021 • Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Extracting Knowledge from Information

Author Presentation Preparation Instructions

In order to maximize the exposure for your paper, to account for different learning and participation styles, and to allow for interactive and engaging discussions with fellow attendees, each paper will be presented in two ways:

  • Pre-recorded video that will be available at all times during the conference and will also be available afterwards on the Signal Processing Society Resource Center, and
  • Live poster presentation, with scheduled time during the conference that will be provided in the next few weeks.

Instructions for Pre-recorded Video

The idea behind the pre-recorded video is to provide attendees with a way to gain some insight into your contributions that is engaging, but does not require live interaction. This video will be posted within your assigned session on the IEEE ICASSP 2021 on-demand virtual platform, and will subsequently be made available through the Signal Processing Society Resource Center.

We are aware that each of you may have a different idea on how best to engage your audience, and we are happy to provide you with some flexibility to explore that. However, we are also aware that guidelines will be helpful to ensure a uniformly excellent experience for all. With that in mind we would like to establish the following minimum expectations:

  • A brief introduction on a web cam, followed by
  • A voice over slides presentation

There are a number of ways in which this minimum expectation could be enriched, and you are encouraged to consider them. These include having a video of the presenter in the corner of the slides, including animations that illustrate the concepts that underlie the work, including videos of practical implementations, and incorporating other techniques associated with the best practices of online pedagogy. If you would prefer not to include the brief on-camera introduction, we will understand.

We are also aware that each of you may have a different idea on the optimal duration of a pre-recorded video for the purposes of engaging online attendees with your work, and we are also happy to offer you some flexibility to select the length. However, our expectations are that your presentation will be:

  • A minimum of 5 minutes in duration, and
  • A maximum of 15 minutes in duration.

Video Specifications:

The technical requirements of the video are as follows:

  • Duration: At least 5 minutes and at most 15 minutes. Within that interval, choose a duration that you feel will best engage your audience
  • File size: 200MB max
  • Video file format: mp4
  • Dimensions: Minimum height 720 pixels, aspect ratio: 16:9

Please note the final specifications will be checked at the time of submission and files not compliant may not be uploaded.

Please be sure the video includes the title of the paper, the authors, and a mention to IEEE ICASSP 2021.

Tools for preparing the video:

You can prepare your video using any recording and editing tool that will produce an output that will meet the above specifications. One simple way to record the presentation would be to use a video conferencing tool to record the content displayed by your computer screen and your voice recorded by the computer microphone, or an external microphone. In that way, you can show your face via webcam and display your slides as you talk. You can use any meeting software, as long as you get a good quality recording and your final file is in the MP4 format. Based on our experience, we recommend the use of Zoom, but the choice is yours. You may wish to edit the video after having recorded it. Here are some links to instructions on recording a meeting on common platforms:

You can also use the two-step method covered below:
Create Voice Over Power point and convert to MP4

Poster Presentation Instructions:

The live interactive sessions at the conference will mimic an in-person poster session. Attendees will be able to view your poster and will then have the opportunity to join an online “room” in which you and group of attendees will be able to engage in an interactive discussion of the work. The purpose of the poster is to provide a framework for that discussion, just as it would in a physical poster session.

The format for the poster is as follows:

File Type: PDF
File Size: 80 mb or less
PDF Size: A0 - Landscape 1189 mm wide x 841 mm tall (46.8 inches x 33.1 inches)

  • Must be a single page
  • Must NOT be password protected
  • Must be saved to open to “fit page” size (in Acrobat: Preferences – Page Display – Page Layout - Zoom – Fit Page)
  • Must NOT have multimedia content (video/animation) included in the PDF poster
  • Hyperlinks are acceptable
  • Include your poster number on top right corner

Video & Poster Submission Instructions:

The instructions for uploading the video and poster are as follows:

Deadline: April 21, 2021

  1. Visit the paper management system Virtual Presentation Upload
  2. Login with your paper number and password provided in the paper submission confirmation email.
  3. Choose which author is the corresponding author and click on the "Upload Presentation Files" button.
  4. You will be redirected to a “Speaker Submission” form
  5. Fill out the form
    1. A series of fields will be pre-filled on the form (these will be locked for editing). Please double check these for accuracy. If there are any inaccuracies, please contact Brianna Orr (Conference Manager) and reference your paper number.
    2. Upload your presentation video in mp4 format (max of 200MB is allowed)
    3. Upload your poster file in PDF format
    4. It is recommended, but not required, to:
      1. Upload a Speaker headshot photo
      2. Include a Speaker Biography in the available text field
      3. Upload PDF of your oral presentation slides
  6. Submit the form by selecting the “Save” button at the bottom of the screen
  7. A confirmation message will be presented upon successful submission and a confirmation will be emailed to you
    1. Be sure to retain this information in case you need to make future updates to your submission